MPA Industrie proposes design and build of CVD reactors aimed to Chemical Vapor Deposition for coatings, infiltration, graphite purification, and fluoride Ion cleaning process.

These reactors operate from vacuum until atmospheric pressure, in a wide range of temperatures from 500 to 2300°C. The diameter of these reactors is included between 100 mm and 3000 mm for the useful zone.

Most of the case for CVD applications operates under vacuum from 10-2 mbar to several hundred mbar.

Chemical vapor infiltration is the well-known technique to elaborate ceramic matrix composite such as carbon/carbon or carbon/silicon carbide composites with BN interface.

Each time one woven substrate (carbon fibers) or carbon foam is infiltrated with ceramics material.

The wide expertise of MPA Industrie in thermal application can be applied to a special high temperature furnace or a fluidized bed reactor.