MPA Industrie

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CVD Reactors

MPA Industrie proposes study and realization of CVD reactors aimed to Chemical Vapour Deposition for coatings or infiltration realization
These reactors operate from vacuum until atmospheric pressure, in a range of temperatures from 500 to 2200°C. The diameter of these reactors is included between 100 mm and 3000 mm of useful zone.

MPA industrie has  also already designed fluidized  bed from 1,5 inch to 7 inch for pyrocarbon Sic application.
Most of the case for CVD applications operate under vacuum from 10-2 mbar to several hundreds mbar. This technique yields better quality layers ( density, homogeneity…) and low gas consumption.

Classical  CVD operates under temperature activation of the gas phase. In order to lower the deposition temperature it is possible to activate the gas phase through electron activation obtained with plasma. Several techniques for plasma activation are possible.

  • DC or pulsed current plasma
  • Radio Frequency plasma
  • Micro wave plasma

Chemical vapour  infiltration is the wellknown technique to elaborate ceramic matrix composite such as carbon/carbon or Silicon carbide/carbon composites.
Each time a woven substrate ( carbon fibers) or carbon foam is infiltrated with  ceramics material.

Fluidized bed reactor

Fluidized bed reactorFluidized bed reactor for pyrolitic carbon, silicon carbide, zirconium carbide deposition.

Atmospheric CVD

Atmospheric CVDAtmospheric CVD reactor for advanced coating for nuclear application

Low pressure CVD

Low pressure CVDLPCVD reactor for TiC, TiCN, Al203, TiN deposition on hard metals and steels
Low pressure CVDLPCVD reactor for pyrolitic carbon deposition on graphite foil
Low pressure CVDLPCVD reactor for ZnS deposition
Low pressure CVDMOCVD reactor for catalyst applications
Multi used CVD reactor for semiconducting and nano technology application
CVD reactor for boron deposition at medium temperature
HTCVD reactor for AlN or SiC deposition

Plasma CVD

Plasma CVDRF plasma CVD for DLC coatings
Plasma CVDHV atmospheric plasma CVD for solar cell components
Plasma CVDvacuum caisson for 1 MW plasma torch


CVICarbon infiltration plant for aircraft brakes