MPA Industrie

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Special gas are the rough materials for CVD. A special  care must be respected to avoid process trouble. These gas are mainly toxic, corrosive, explosive.

All components of the gas panel are semi-conductor type. MFC are equipped with electromagnetic valves. All automatic shut off valves are metal bellows valves with pneumatic actuator (* Argon or N2 is used as gas pilot to avoid air entrance in case of leak failure in the bellow).
All component are piloted by the controller (PROFIBUS), all toxic or explosive lines are automatically flushed by argon and vacuum for purges.
Gas panel is fully interlocked with gas detection and emergency stop.

Tube and welding.
All fluids are in contact with 316L components only, all stainless tubes are orbital welded for junction and all fittings are VCR type.
The standard will be ¼ "(6,35 mm) and ½ " (12,7 mm) tubes.
All components in the gas panel will be ATEX type. The gas panel is certified by helium leak test (leak < 10-8 mbar.l.s).
The gas panel is a key component, MPA Industrie will supply the gas cabinet with all the required safety devices (depression, depression detecting, gas leak detection.

All gas lines are constituted of :

  • Manual shut-off valve
  • Filter
  • Manifold
  • Pressure indicator
  • Mass flow controller
  • Automatic shut-off valve
  • One way valve

Toxic gas

Toxic gasGas cabinet for Silane, Arsine, phosphine, Diborane including full interlocked safeties and gas detection

Explosive gas

Explosive gasGas cabinet for hydrogen, acetylene, propylene ATEX built.

Liquefied gas

Liquefied gasGas cabinet for WF6 with thermal assistance. Full automatic flushing
Liquefied gasGas cabinet for H2S. Full automatic flushing and switch over