MPA Industrie

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International wide-spreading

As the CVD technology is a niched market, MPA Industrie is able to bring its expertise overseas.
Important programmes have already been set up in Europe and Asia. The company has a proven track record in developing and commercializing key technologies catering to a variety of application sectors ranging from automotive to space.

CVD process enables the development of advanced ceramic material, either in the form of high –density coatings or self-standing monoliths with relevant physical properties. This technology, already proven for a variety ok key application, process significant growth potential in vital sectors as listed below. It is quite evident that the CVD process for the listed applications finds huge growth potential in the a fast  developing economy all around the world.


TelecommunicationOptical Fibre
Doping of optical fibres
Very high frequency electronic tube components
NuclearFusion reactor
High temperature reactor
Plasma facing material for nuclear fusion applications
Pyrolytic C coating for tritium
Kernel nuclear fuel
DefenseIR domes and windows  
Laser technology
Commercial production of IF transparent Zinc Sulfide an Zinc Selenide for missiles.
Laser components
AerospaceSpace vehicles
Thermal shields for re entry vehicles.
Space Mirrors
Rocket exhausts and nozzles
C/C composites for brakes
AutomativeCutting tools
Stamping tools
CVD coatings for enhanced wear and abrasion resistance
EnvironnentalCoatingsAutomobile pollution control
Minimisation of coolant use in cutting application
DomesticCoating on glassLow emissivity glasses for thermal insulation for domestic applications and self cleaning glasses
Solar panel on glasses
EnergySilicon production
Coating on metal
Thin silicon film for solar cells
Silicon ingots production
Hydrogen production
Bio MedicalCoating on implantsPyrolitic graphite coating on HIP jointsn heart valves
Ta coating  for bone regeneration