MPA Industrie

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Liquid source evaporation

MPA Industrie has a very long experience in liquid handling and particularly with MTCS,TiCl4, SiCl4, GeCl4…

According to the working pressure and the amount of vapour to generate, different systems are available;

  • Bubbling
  • Direct evaporation (vapour dosing)
  • Atomization* (liquid dosing)

This process allows to evaporate many liquid precursors even low pressures. This system is very reliable and already in service in lots of our customers plants. All components are ATEX TYPE.
All flushes for maintenance are automatic through the PLC control. This system is very well adapted for big plant, and lab scale.

Vapour dosing

Vapour dosingTwice evaporation station for SiCl4, GeCl4, PCl5. Mass flow controlled flows
Vapour dosingHigh efficiency TiCl4 bubbler with level control.

Liquid dosing

Liquid dosingMTCS vaporization station with liquid flow control
Liquid dosingLarge vaporization system