MPA Industrie

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MPA Industrie

MPA Industrie management has a long experience (more than 20 years) in the field  of the CVD technologies and CVD processes. Since  its creation, the company works only in  this field (thermal CVD, plasma assisted CVD).

MPA Industrie has already developed for its customers process and equipment for advanced coating materials such as:

  • TiC, TiN, Ti(C,N)
  • PyC, SiC, B4C,TiB2,Al203, AlN
  • W,Re,Hf02,ZrC
  • DLC, ZnS

MPA Industrie designs and builds full CVD coating systems from the laboratory scale to the industrial scale for all branches of industry. MPA Industrie has already supplied more than 100 systems.

Lots of development projects have already been realized in the frame of technological partnerships.
MPA Industrie is specialized on this niched market and continuously reinforces its position and know how through important projects in all industrial areas.
MPA Industrie masters and has expertise for all the constituting subparts of a CVD apparatus.

  • Special gas engineering and liquid or solid precursors handling (mainly ATEX)
  • Reactor fabrication with all activation techniques ( thermal, plasma)
  • Vacuum technology
  • Effluent trapping in conformity with EEC standard
  • Instrument, control, safety for this technology resulting from our hazard analysis

MPA Industrie is consulted for R&D and industrial projects, the company is able to design and to supply each required subparts of the program and can bring its expertise in CVD reactor.

The company has all the engineering structure for all technologies required by such a system. The engineering department is supported by:

  • a CAD Department
  • an Electrical and Process Control Department
  • a fabrication Department
  • All the staff has significant experience in similar project achievement and people have electrical agreement as well as controlled areas access agreement.

The company is equipped with orbital welding, helium leak detection, thermal IF measurement and has specialized gas technicians.

MPA Industrie is to be considered as a partner and not as a simple system supplier. The aim of the company is to fully participate in abroad project and in doing so, spread its existing market in the world.