MPA Industrie

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Nano powder station for CEA and Orleans University

MPA industrie will supply a complete station for ultra pure nano powder obtained by CVD. The job of MPA Industrie is to design, to build process chamber and to provide gas panoply including liquid



Large Silane ethylene gas station for the flat glass industry

As already supplied last to SGV glass Egypt, MPA Industrie is now building to important gas stations for Silane and ethylene distribution in India for SGV glass Bhiwadi and Jhagadia.



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MPA Industrie management has a long experience (more than 20 years) in the field  of the CVD technologies, CVD processes and customized CVD reactors. Since  its creation, the company works only in  this field (thermal CVD, plasma assisted CVD).

MPA Industrie has already developed for its customers process and equipment for advanced coating materials.

MPA Industrie designs and builds full CVD coating systems from the laboratory scale to the industrial scale for all branches of industry. MPA Industrie has already supplied more than 100 systems.