We are an independant company specialized in Physical & Chemical  engineering for CVD/CVI processes and chemicals treatments.We develop customized Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD and CVI) turn-key systems and solutions for coatings and ceramics matrix composites.

MPA Industrie has already developed for its customers many processes and equipments for advanced coating materials.

MPA Industrie is consulted for industrial projects and R&D. Our company is able to design and supply each required subparts of a system and can carry out its expertise for special CVD reactors in many sectors.

Our company has all the engineering structure for all technologies and knowledges required by such  systems design and construction. The engineering department is supported by:

  • CAD department
  • Electrical and Process Control department
  • Manufacturing department
  • Gas department
  • Purchase and administration department

All the staff has significant experience in similar project achievement. MPA Industrie is reknown as a partner and not as a mere system supplier. Our aim  is to fully participate in abroad project and to spread our existing market through out the world.

Important programs have already been set up in Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, and Asia. Our company has a proven track record in developing and commercializing key technologies catering to the various need of application sectors ranging from automotive to space.

MPA Industrie: Our Vision & Mission

CVD/CVI process finds huge growth potential in the fast developing economies all around the world particularly in disruptive materials  for space & aircraft  industries and energy saving.
Leveraging our experience and innovation knowledge acquired over the past three decades, we are engineers loving technical challenges and excellence. We bring our accumulated expertise, energy and know-how to build win-win partenerships in finding reliable solutions and solving difficult engineering issues met in CVD/CVI processes.

Key milestones

  • 1992: Founding of MPA Industrie with the Hermès space shuttle project
  • 1997: Development of a new carbon / carbon infiltration furnace technology for aircraft brakes
  • 2000: Partnership with flat glass companies
  • 2003: Partnership for aircraft engine part FIC treatments
  • 2006: First development on the ZnS for India
  • 2007: Partnership for the development of the Herschel Space Mirror
  • 2008: Partnership for the 4th generation HTR fuel projects
  • 2009: New silicon carbide technologies and graphite purification process
  • 2010: Strengthening presence in India
  • 2012: Contract with the Indian space agency for re-entry vehicule materials and rocket nozzle
  • 2013: Partnership with China’s silicon giant photovoltaic company
  • 2014: Partnership for development of CMC and coated fibers for aircraft engine, and development of a new sheet galvanizing process (JVD)
  • 2015: Installation in Mexico of two Reflectasol treatment units and FIC units
  • 2016: Installation in China of two SiC equipments and purification units
  • 2017: Installation of two MPA Industrie SiC equipments for graphite coating in USA
  • 2018: Largest CVD reactor in the world for PYC / SiC
  • 2019: New zinc sulfide unit in Turkey and reinforcement of MPA Industrie markets

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